The Alien Princess’s Love: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance


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Alien princess Suri Ahrisi swears she will not fall in love with the visiting Earth diplomat, Officer Nicholas Thorne. But some promises were meant to be broken, and Suri discovers it’s hard to protect her heart against Nick’s magnifying presence and scorching touch. She wants him, even if it means jeopardizing her hard work and the purpose of his visit.


Nick got on a spaceship for the first time with a job in mind. But when he lands on Planet Omaron, his mission takes a backseat the moment he sees the breathtaking alien princess, Suri Ahrisi. He only has a few days to spend on the planet. He sure won’t be devoting them to matters of diplomacy when all he wants to do is claim his beautiful, luscious princess.

The Alien Princess’s Love is a steamy sci-fi alien romance short story. It features a lovely alien princess falling in love with a hot, dirty-talking human diplomat!


The invisible force holding Nick against his seat like a seatbelt released him once the spaceship came to a stop. The ship’s captain got to his feet. Nick stood as well and mild vertigo accosted him. He gripped the back of his seat for support as he breathed deeply to reorient himself.

Nick checked his wristwatch to see how much time had elapsed since he’d left Earth. Of course, the watch no longer worked. Space flight was an unfamiliar territory for him and he doubted Earth time was relative to that of the new planet they’d just landed on called Omaron.

“Everyone good?” he asked, addressing his tiny crew of three. “You OK, Helen?”

Helen struggled to stand, her lips pressed together tightly as if she were utilizing every available drop of willpower in her body not to puke.

“I want to vomit, sir,” she said. “But I won’t. I promise.”

Nick regarded her with sympathy. “Sure you don’t want to use the bathroom before we leave?”

“No, sir. I’ll be fine.” She gathered her bags and walked stiffly toward where the ship’s captain stood, ready to release the ramp.

Paul and Greg—the guards he didn’t need but which his superior had insisted he carry for protection—didn’t seem to fare much better than Helen. But Nick didn’t worry too much about them. They were tough. As an erstwhile military man himself, Nick knew they’d fared worse things than hurtling through space during their time in the army.

“All right,” Nick said as they all huddled near the ramp, waiting for it to open. “I didn’t have a speech prepared, so one step for man and all that. Just don’t step on anyone’s toes.”

They shared a laugh but were sobered immediately when the captain guided them off the ship. Nick wasn’t prepared for the sight before him. A gleaming structure of metal and glass, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of green and lavender towered before them. There were in a port, he realized. Two other spaceships were being attended to by beings dressed in white jumpsuits.

Omaron bore many similarities to Earth, and this revelation excited him. He hadn’t envisioned anything in particular, but to see the familiar blue sky dotted with clouds, one sun, and even vehicles that looked like cars without wheels made him relax. This was going to be successful. He couldn’t claim that he was one of the first humans to step foot onto this planet as he’d learned the leader’s wife was human. However, he liked the thought of going down in history as being a part of ushering Earth into a new future.

He turned to Helen. “Take a shot of—” but he didn’t need to finish the sentence because Helen already had her video-camera out. In sickness and in health. Helen was literally married to her work.

A small group of people approached them. Nick recalled his briefing and the short video provided. Apparently Omaron consisted mainly of Dava people who looked like humans, though they possessed other races of people too. They were ruled by one king—a ‘klar’—called Mikaal Ahrisi. Omaron was a part of a successful union of planets that maintained time and currency standardization among other perks. Because his wife was human, Klar Mikaal hoped to invite Earth into the Union to facilitate ease of travel and new trade deals.

Nick identified Mikaal right away. Though he recognized the Dava male’s face from the video, he had an air of authority that immediately pegged him as a man in charge. Behind him were two, blue, menacing hulks with four arms. The blue creatures each possessed deadly looking spears and fearsome expressions designed to make a person piss their pants just by looking at them.

“Holy shit,” said one of the guys. But Nick wasn’t sure what they were exclaiming about—the intimidating four-armed beings standing guard behind Mikaal, or the stunning woman dressed in a maroon-and-gold replica of an Indian sari beside him? She was a gorgeous creature with dark hair that fell to her hips, her bronze skin gleaming in the sunlight.

Was this Mikaal’s wife? No, Mikaal’s wife was human, but this woman was of Dava heritage. Her eyes were violet, a spiral of dark red ink curling down her bare arms.

“Welcome to Omaron, Officer Thorne,” greeted Mikaal, extending a hand for him to shake. “I am Mikaal Ahrisi.” He indicated the woman. “This is my interim ambassador and sister, Suri Ahrisi.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highnesses,” said Nick. He shook Mikaal’s hand. Then turned to meet Suri’s gaze. The moment her violet eyes met his, it was like a punch to the gut. Fucking hell. She was the kind of beautiful that caused accidents and broke hearts on sight. The blood that ought to keep his logic strong and consistent in his brain drained all the way down to his cock. He adjusted his stance, willing his hardness away for fear her brother—or worse, those hard-faced blue monsters standing watch behind her—clued in on his abhorrent reaction and murdered him.

“I am pleased you arrived safely, Officer Thorne,” she said, her voice as lovely as her visage. The gentle pinkness in her cheeks as she regarded him shyly made him curious. She extended a hand and he grasped it eagerly, relishing the warmth of her delicate hand in his.

He’d lost his voice. He had never felt so immediately captivated by a woman before. He drank the sight of her in like a man who’d been trapped in a desert for days and had finally found drinkable water. He held onto her hand a little bit longer than he should, dropping it hastily when Helen nudged him in his side with her elbow.

He introduced the rest of his team to Mikaal and Suri. Helen stuttered her greeting when Mikaal shook her hand.

“Suri has offered to be your guide for the duration of your visit,” said Mikaal. “Though there’s much to discuss, you had a long trip and it would be best if you get some rest first. Tonight, we will host a dinner in celebration of your arrival.”

“Thank you for your kind hospitality, Your Highness,” said Nick.

Mikaal smiled. “Is that the way you address royalty on Earth? If so, it isn’t necessary for such formalities, Officer Thorne. You can call me by my given name.”

Nick grinned. “Then you don’t need to call me ‘Officer Thorne’, either. I’m fine with Nick.”

“In that case, Nick,” spoke up Suri and Nick turned his gaze on her, loving the sound of her voice wrapped around his name. “Let us take you and your team to your rooms.”

Her smile was as breathtaking as the setting sun. When she pivoted and made her way toward the towering building, Nicholas followed her like if he were snared by an invisible leash. Mikaal walked abreast with him and they chatted about his first space flight experience.

Though Nick kept up the conversation, his eyes followed the sway of Suri’s hips. For a brief moment, he envisioned bending her over, flipping her skirts up over her back, his fingers entwined in her glorious hair, plunging into her so deep, her screams would shatter the building’s glass.

Nick felt himself hardening again and he struggled to reign himself in. What the fuck was wrong with him? These were alien beings. Who knew what abilities they possessed if their technology was already so far advanced? They could be capable of mind reading or clairvoyance. The last thing he wanted to do was jeopardize his mission by angering the planet’s king who walked right beside him. Nick would bet that the king would not take too kindly to a human eyefucking his sister.

They all stepped onto a metal disk on the ground and a transparent cylindrical glass surrounded them. Even with eight people in this tube, two of which were hulk-sized, there was still room to move about. Then the floor dropped out from beneath them as they plummeted at a rapid fall. At least, that’s what it felt like, though when Nick looked down, his feet were still planted on the disc as they rocketed downward. Helen let out a scream of terror and Nick couldn’t deny his heart did an unpleasant lurch.

The ride couldn’t end fast enough. A robotic voice spoke in a strange language as the alien elevator came to a stop and the transparent glass slid away. Helen lurched from it, her eyes wide behind her glasses as she panted. Greg and Paul pretended it didn’t affect them but Nick spied the slight wobble in their legs.

“Are you well, Nick?” Suri asked, a smile playing around her lips.

“That’s going to take some getting used to,” he answered honestly.

Her smile deepened. “Klara Megan said the same.”

Mikaal grinned. “And she has not grown accustomed to it yet. She avoids it all costs.” He peered at Helen. “Your assistant seems on the verge of unconsciousness.”

“I’m OK!” Helen squeaked, unable to meet Mikaal’s gaze and stumbling clumsily over her light bags. Helen behaved like someone who stood in the presence of their crush and who was ill-prepared to handle the opportunity. So, it wasn’t just him being affected by these aliens, then. He glanced at Greg and Paul with inexplicable irritation. Were they staring at Suri too? Thinking filthy things they wanted to do to her too?

“Suri will lead you to your rooms from here,” said Mikaal, “I will be in my office.” He extended a hand for Nick to shake again. “I look forward to speaking more with you, Officer—Nick.”

“So am I, Mikaal.”

When Mikaal left, they followed Suri along a wide pathway lined with arched windows. The impressive architecture and expanse of the grounds visible through the windows reminded Nick that not only was he in the presence of alien royalty, but of extraordinary wealth too.

With Mikaal gone, Nick took the chance to move closer to Suri. Her guards turned wary gazes on him but did not stop him from drawing near. Nick didn’t doubt they could kill him in several gruesome ways in seconds if he made even the slightest move to harm their princess.

“Mikaal said you were the one to orchestrate this expedition,” he said.

“He gives me more credit than is due,” she replied. “I drafted the proposal and presented it to our Council but it was immediately denied. Mikaal had them reconsider.”

“You should have told them they wouldn’t know genius if it jumped up and slapped them in the face.”

She laughed, the genuine sound swelling Nick with pride he’d amused her.

“Oh, I wish I had done that.” Her violet eyes sparkled with mischief. “But diplomacy is the art of transforming the insults on the tongue into a smile on the lips.”

He softened his voice so only she could hear him. “And yours is quite beautiful so I’m sure you’ve perfected the art.”

Even though her gaze turned shy, he noted her delighted features. Nick squirrelled away the knowledge that Suri was receptive to his flirting. Alongside his official purpose for visiting Omaron, a new goal sprang into existence. One that resulted in Suri naked and squirming beneath him.

Suri showed them into the first room, showing them how to operate the necessary items. At one point, she raised her hand and various items in the room rearranged themselves as though an invisible hand grasped and moved them.

“Sir!” whispered Helen, her eyebrows climbing to her hairline. “That’s telekinesis! Should I tape her?”

Nick frowned. He didn’t like the idea of capturing Suri on video like if she were a circus animal performing tricks for the crowd’s pleasure.

“No, we’ll ask her permission to demonstrate another day. For now, we’ll just write it down in the report.”

After she’d shown Gary, Paul and Helen to their rooms, Suri led him to his. The guards crowded in after them too, ensuring their massive presence did not go unnoticed. He wished they would leave so he could fling her down on that huge bed. So he could do all the filthy things he wanted to do to her rolling around in his head.

“Your guards are very protective of you.”

“They are Ahmenian. They dedicate their lives to protecting those inhabiting the palace,” she explained. “Are you afraid of them?”

“No.” Nick dumped his bags on the floor and gave her a sheepish grin. “Well, a little. I’d be stupid not to recognize their strength.” Then he folded his arms across his chest. “But I bet I could take at least one of them on. If they didn’t have a spear. Or four arms. Or… wait, are those knives in their vests?” Nick ogled the rows of blade handles protruding from the guards’ vest.

Man, that was just fucking overkill.

Suri’s pretty lips curved up. “Your confidence is admirable.”

“What, you don’t believe I can do it?”

“Oh, I am certain you are quite skilled.” Her face became flushed as she hastily added, “At fighting.”

“I’m pretty good at a lot of other things too.”

He watched her closely, waiting for any sign she disliked his response. He really ought to rein himself in. He’d come here on business. He hadn’t come to bang the pretty little princess standing within arm’s reach. He wanted to present himself as a professional foremost. He was an official representing not only his president, but his country. He was not some drooling creep. But the way her flush deepened and her violet eyes darkened said she understood his insinuation and didn’t mind it at all.

“I will send a servant to collect you and your team tonight,” she said, turning for the door. She glanced back at him. “Rest well, Nick.”

She left with her guards, her sweet scent lingering in the room, her beautiful face imprinted on his mind.

Nick immediately stripped himself and took a shower. The cold water rushed toward his face, cooling his hot skin but not the raging boner between his legs. He fisted his hard flesh and even though he told himself not to, the image of Suri’s gorgeous pink lips reared to life with bright clarity in his head.

Nick fantasized about having her down on her knees, his hands twisted in her long hair as he fucked her pretty mouth. He pumped himself, running his hand up and down the length of his shaft. Touch yourself for me, baby, he’d tell her as she sucked him. She was a good girl. She’d follow his orders.

Her fingers parting her wet slit, she’d finger herself, her moans vibrating his cock. Those big innocent violet eyes would stare up at him reverently as he tightened his grip on her hair and ravaged her mouth, filling the back of her throat with his meat.

He groaned, imagining Suri in various positions and all of them featuring him buried inside her to the hilt, her tight wet heat squeezing him dry. His forehead pressed against the shower glass, Nick gasped as he came, his cum spilling out and coating his knuckles.

Nick shook his head to clear the fog in his brain, his legs wobbly. He realized he was a fucking moron. He might have found release, but it had only fired him up to acquire the real thing. But that was out of the question. Not unless he wanted to totally fuck this mission over.

As much as he wanted Suri, he needed to employ self-restraint. Besides, even if she seemed open to his flirting, that didn’t mean she was interested in him. She was a princess, and an extraordinarily beautiful and intelligent one at that. Her options in men were limitless and definitely of a calibre he did not meet. There was no way she considered him in any fashion beyond their professional relationship.

He ought to remember that.

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