The Alien King’s Baby: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance


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He’s tall, arrogant and handsome.

He’s an alien king who saved her life one moment...

Then abducted her the next.

Oh, yeah, and she’s pregnant with his baby.

Wait. What?

A receptionist at a straw supply company, Megan Landay is content with her ordinary life. Sure she still has some resentment toward her awful ex, but that’s normal. What’s not normal is the sudden appearance of the skilled alien warrior, Mikaal Ahrisi. Even worse is his arrogant demand she stay on his planet long enough to give birth to his child.


The petite human female isn’t Mikaal’s ideal choice as a mother to his offspring, but he no longer has a choice in the matter. Feisty and stubborn beyond reason, she’s not like any of the women on his planet. Her presence in his life should be temporary, but as time passes he becomes uncertain if he should ever let her go.

The Alien King’s Baby is a steamy sci-fi alien romance. It features a handsome, powerful alien king who knows what he wants: the sassy, beautiful human destined to carry his baby!


I need to get out of here.

Megan got to her feet and moved away from the table. The sound of chatter and laughter receded as she left the hotel’s dining room. Outside, the coolness of the air refreshed her. Breathing a sigh of relief, she leaned against the wall and stared up at the dark expanse of the night sky. She slowly counted the tiny bright spots dotting the sky and she remembered an old saying that said counting stars was bad luck. Megan didn’t hold much weight for superstitious beliefs.

She looked away from the sky to gaze across the land the hotel sat on. Though she’d regretted opting in on coming to the work retreat at first, she was glad she did now that she was here. Despite the ridiculous ‘team-building’ and ‘problem-solving’ exercises she was forced to endure with her coworkers, it was nice to spend two days in a decent hotel in the midst of nature. In the day time, mountains and valleys could be seen, with various areas that held equipment for the exercises required on this retreat. At night everything was shrouded, visible only in silhouettes because of the lighted areas of the hotel.

It felt good to be outside and away from everyone else. As the newest employee at Klauber’s Straw Supplies, she hardly knew anyone. She’d thought it was a good idea to attend the retreat and get to know more of her coworkers, but most of them hung around with their friends and ignored her. Thankfully, being an outcast wasn’t new to Megan. She always found a way to keep herself company.

Deciding to take a walk, Megan shoved off the wall and made her way down onto the grassy area. When her heels sunk into the soft earth, she removed her shoes and kept going barefooted. As she walked, her thoughts moved to the last good memory she had of her ex, Peter. Before she’d learnt what a lying, cheating bastard he was, he’d taken her to a retreat similar to this one. Something about the nature surrounding them had put an extra oomph into their flagging relationship. They’d made love more often in that weekend getaway than they did the final year of their relationship.

Darker memories of the moments after discovering Peter’s unfaithfulness and the hurtful things he said followed, but the ringing of her mobile phone saved her from going down that old path again. She’d ended her relationship with Peter over a year ago. She’d already moved on. Sometimes, she wished her memories did too.

“Hey,” she answered after looking at the phone’s screen. “I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“You know how it is,” her sister, Jillian, said with a smile in her voice. “No rest for the wicked.”

Megan laughed. “Work’s that busy, huh?”

“Actually, it’s about to get a little lighter. I’ve got a new client and she’s super rich. Pretty demanding too. I’ll have to drop a few of my other clients to accommodate her…”

The rest of Jillian’s words turned to background noise when a high-pitched whistling sound filled the air. When Megan looked up to the sky in the direction of the noise, her eyes widened with shocked horror as something large and bright hurtled toward Earth. Hurtled toward her.

Move, screamed a voice in her head but her legs refused to work. There she stood, slack-jawed, barefooted on the grass, her mobile phone pressed to her ear as a part of her brain foolishly tried to distinguish if the massive thing careening toward her was a plane.

“Megan! Megan! What’s that sound?” her sister’s voice broke through the thick haze of shock immobilizing her. With a scream, Megan regained motor function as she tried to run as fast as she could in her tight pencil skirt.

KA-BOOM! The aircraft hit the ground and the force of its impact shook the ground violently beneath Megan’s feet. She screamed again when her body was launched forward as if she’d jumped mid-run and her body hit the ground hard. Her mobile phone flung to parts unknown from her hand and thick chunks of earth, glass, and metal sprayed everywhere. Distantly, she could hear the others within the hotel screaming too.

Megan groaned, crying out when a searing pain raced up the arm she’d fallen on. Her heart slammed in her chest as though it fought to escape her body and her breathing was coming too fast. A wave of heat spread her way and when Megan rolled onto her back, she was horrified to see fire surrounding a huge black aircraft embedded deep into the earth.

She had to leave now. Anyone with a lick of common sense knew that a fire plus a vehicle of any kind equalled a deadly explosion. Struggling to sit up, Megan whimpered against the intense pain in her arm. Something was definitely broken but she couldn’t pay attention to that now. Better to have a broken arm than be dead. Pain or not, she had to get out of there as soon as possible.

As she twisted her body so she could get to her knees, Megan gasped when she looked up and saw another aircraft speeding toward Earth. Her heart felt ready to explode and with adrenaline flooding her, Megan found the strength to get to her feet. The other aircraft landed avoiding a crash like the first. It shook the ground once more and Megan stumbled but stayed on her feet. She turned, ready to dash when her body was hauled backward. She cried out, twisting to discover a freakish sight.

A creature with green-yellow skin, sunken cheeks, and completely black eyes. It grinned at her, the action disturbing as it revealed its rows of jagged, darkened teeth. It pushed her to the ground and Megan screamed as the terrifying creature climbed on top of her. She tried to fight despite the pain in her arm but the creature’s strength outmatched her own. It shoved her shirt up, revealing her naked torso and before Megan could stop it, the creature pressed a luminescent white ball against her stomach.

“No!” cried Megan, twisting away but it was too late. Her body shook as it absorbed whatever substance the creature had pressed to her skin. A bright burst of warmth spread throughout her body from where the ball had entered. Her heart raced, her skin grew damp with sweat. Time seemed to slow down, sounds began to grow distant, and her vision became blurry. Her breathing slowed. A fiery blast pressed into the green-skinned creature’s bony chest, blowing it off of her.

A man with violet eyes came to her. His hand pressed against her stomach where the substance had filled her. Strangely, it felt right for him to touch her there in such an intimate place.

She tried to speak, but the rest of her thoughts lost coherency. Finally, she was claimed by complete darkness.

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