Right Place, Right Time: A Sci-Fi Time Travel Romance


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Yara Parker just lost her beloved grandmother. So when a stranger swipes her grandma’s precious necklace, Yara can’t let him get away with it.

Trouble is, the thief is a time-traveller. And he’s taken Yara into the future with him to the year 2130.

Worst of all, in 2130 she’s a criminal without an ID chip. She’s out of luck until Officer Kit Mathesen agrees to help her. But can Yara trust the arrogant cop? Even if he is ridiculously hot, and just about the only person she can turn to?

With a dark threat looming, Yara’s not sure they’ll ever find her necklace... or make it out alive.

Right Place, Right Time is a steamy sci-fi time travel romance. It features a feisty, stubborn singer from the past hurling through time straight into the strong arms of her handsome, growly cop from the future!


Yara released a breath of relief when the payment went through. Her plane ticket was booked. She’d be in LA at a reasonable time and without having to exhaust herself in a nearly forty-hour cross-country drive across several states.

With her ticket booked, Yara set her newly bought suitcase down on the bed and started to pack. When she was finished, she grabbed up her phone to check if she’d gotten any new messages. Of course, there were none. Who was left in the world who cared about her enough to text her?

Yara glanced at the clock on her phone screen. It was almost time for the eclipse. Yara bit her lip and eyed the waste bin where the eclipse glasses she’d bought still sat. She’d dumped them after the fiasco with Ricky.

Pursing her lips, she retrieved the glasses from the bin and got a beer from the fridge. She decided she’d follow through with her original plan without Ricky.

She put some music on her phone and headed outside to the patio. Slipping on the glasses, she set her phone and the beer down on the patio table and took a seat in one of the chairs. She eyed the sky with passing interest.

The sky was still overcast. The light rain had long stopped falling. The music on her phone played, lulling Yara into a doze.

When the song came to an end, Yara blinked and refocused her attention on the sun. Anticipation built in her as the dark shadow crossed the sun. She got to her feet and folded her arms underneath her breasts as Baily’s Beads appeared. When totality was achieved, Yara removed her glasses, as the guides had said.

Just as she took them off, a bright flash appeared, blinding her with its intensity. Yara yelped and looked away from the sky. She was horrified she might have read the instructions wrong and had stupidly blinded herself by staring at the eclipse with naked eyes.

She blinked rapidly in panic, shaking her head in desperation. Her vision gradually returned, and her panic subsided until a presence in front of her sent her heart racing again.

A man dressed in black wearing dark sunglasses and his mouth covered by a mask stood in front of her. When had he gotten there? Yara’s heart leapt in fear as she scrambled backward.

The man hurried forward, reaching for her.

“No!” Yara tried to shove him back, but he pushed forward, grabbing hold of her necklace.

With a vicious tug that stung the back of her neck, he broke the chain on her necklace, spun, jumped off her patio, and ran away.

Following on the heels of her shock was indignation. She was pissed off. She’d had it with today and its unending mission of heaping shit on her head. She jumped over the patio ledge and gave chase to the man who’d stolen her necklace. The one thing of value she had left. A gift Lanie had given her when she was a girl. It was the closest thing to Lanie she had left, and she wasn’t going to let some thieving asshole take it away from her, even if it killed her.

She chased him down the sidewalk into the Thorne’s front yard. The Thorne’s dog, a Miniature Pinscher, yapped in protest, biting the thief’s leg with a growl and snap, slowing him down for Yara to almost catch up.

“Get off me you piece of shit!” With a solid kick that sent the dog flying and howling in pain, the thief continued on into the backyard. He scrabbled up their fence and leaped over the edge.

Yara scaled the fence and found the man fiddling with a silver watch attached to his wrist. It looked like a smart watch with a screen he interacted with by tapping on it.

“Give me back my necklace!” she yelled, jumping down beside him.

It was then everything happened too fast for her to follow. One moment she grabbed hold of his arm in anger. The next, a bright white flash enveloped them, entirely blurring out their surroundings. As if someone had turned on an extremely bright stage light above them.

Then the sensation of some powerful force binding her and dragging her along at a head-spinning pace. It reminded her of being on a roller coaster that the ride operator had set on extreme speed. Wild lifts and falls, her scream exploding out of her. Various images whizzed by her, voices overlapping rapidly, explosive sounds that sounded too real as if she were right there where they happened. It was too chaotic, yet when Yara tried to shut her eyes, desperate to find some calm, something wouldn’t let her.

An intense pain cut through her like she was being ripped in half. Her heart raced almost as fast as she was travelling. It swelled in her chest to the point she felt like it would burst. It was torture unimaginable. And just as abruptly as it started, it came to an end.

Vaguely, Yara was aware of her feet hitting the ground. Then her knees and palms. Hunched on all fours, the bit of beer she’d sipped and whatever she’d had for breakfast forced its way back out of her violently.

She heard someone retching nearby too and assumed it was the thief. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and then onto her jeans, Yara forced herself to stand on legs made out of rubber. She toppled over, but a cold wall saved her from a complete fall.

Breathing raggedly, Yara glanced around at her surroundings. They were in the semi-lit alleyway. Through the mouth of the alleyway, she saw towering buildings and brightly coloured flashing images. There were even holographic displays hanging in mid-air like something out of a science fiction movie.

Panic and confusion roiled through her.

This was definitely not suburban Columbia.

So where the hell was she?